A collection of footed glasses
in Saint-Louis crystal


One year after the “Galerie des rois”, the Palace of Versailles and Saint-Louis are unveiling the “Galerie des reines” collection in tribute to four iconic queens. This new collection of four crystal footed glasses inspired by Versailles décors once again celebrates the bonds of glass-making know-how and historic friendship between the two institutions.
Produced as a special preview edition for the Palace of Versailles, the gift case is available only by pre-order between 1st June and 30 September 2020, with profits going to the restoration and refurnishing of the Palace of Versailles.
Saint-Louis & the Palace of Versailles
In 1767, Louis XV himself signed letters patent conferring the name of Saint-Louis, in honour of Louis IX, as well as the title of "Royal" manufacture and a coat-of-arms, a crown. This invisible thread has been reinforced over time and through crystal creations.
This precious document is still held in the Saint-Louis archives and bears testimony to unfailing ties through the years, as well as to some iconic collections (Trianon, Versailles, Tommy), and now this dual collection with its resolutely contemporary feel – “Galerie des rois” and “Galerie des reines”.
Palace of Versailles: Safeguarding heritage
through design
The Palace of Versailles regularly collaborates on safeguarding heritage through design with iconic companies known for their expertise and French quality.

Subscriptions provide opportunities to create a limited edition of a unique object, which highlights the expertise of the best master craftsmen and contributes to the restoration and refurbishment of the Palace.